w.u~ 4minute’s Sohyun was a child actress!

4minute Sohyun’s young self has been spotted by the netizens in a 2004 MBC drama called The Age of Heroes.



w.u~ amber + hyuna in a cafe!

Guess which 2 Kpop idols were recently spotted together at a cafe?The 2 were recently spotted at a cafe.


w.u~ f(x)’s Amber celebrates 4minute HyunA’s birthday!

f(x)’s Amber and 4minute’s HyunA are known to be pretty good friends and it looks like it’s going strong.


w.u~ Doojoon posts up a drawing of 4minute!

On the 28th, BEAST’s hot leader Yoon Doojoon posted up a drawing of 4minute.

Since he uploaded the drawing, it has become a hot issue. It was revealed that the drawing was drawn by none other than Shinsa Tiger.


w.u~ 2PM, 4minute, SHINee, SNSD and other idol group members vote for the first time!

Many in Korea are headed for the polling station to cast their vote as it’s local election day, but the names that caught the eyes of most were members from popular idol groups like 2PM, 4minute, SHINee, SNSD and more!


w.u~ 4minute’s JiYoon’s Arm Injured by the Car Door!


Could it be the “Curse of the Car” going around 4minute?


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