w.u~ Super Junior’s Sungmin and a one-piece dress!

For their recent album concept, Super Junior members have vigorously worked out to increase muscle mass, further making all of the ELFs swoon as they delight over the eye-candy. Who wouldn’t view them as ideal men…right?



w.u~ Super Junior’s Eunhyuk admits being in a love triangle once!

On this week’s episode of Happy Together Season 3, Super Junior’s Eunhyuk admitted being in a bitter love triangle once. Yes, perhaps the most typical element of all Korean dramas around but everyone loves it!


w.u~ Sulli, Krystal and a cat!

It seems rather difficult finding someone who is not captivated by f(x) Sulli’s beauty, and this cat is no exception!


w.u~ Heechul and Sunny pose for the camera!

w.u~ siwon twitter update!


Credits @siwon407

pOp ShoT~ after school pay girlz story book!


pOp ShoT~ super junior boys in city 3!



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