pOp ShoT~ 3rd Water Bomb Victim: Eunhyuk (GIFs)!

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w.u~ Super Junior ShinDong, “If this album sells over 1 million copies, I will get married within this year”!

Super Junior ShinDong openly proposes to his girlfriend at a recent press conference.


w.u~ KARA’s Gyuri shows her birthday present from Shindong!

KARA’s leader and goddess, Park Gyuri celebrated her 22nd birthday recently and she has uploaded a picture of her present given by Super Junior’s Shindong.


w.u~ Shindong wants to get married this October!


As you may recall, Super Junior’s Shindong proposed in code language to his girlfriend in the “Thanks To” section in Super Junior’s fourth album. It looks like he’d like to get married in the next few months!

The idol revealed more details about this matter during a recent press conference. He said, “I’ve already met with her friends and they know we’re dating. Honestly, I want to get married in October.”

Shindong also talked about how his girlfriend has been avoiding him since the proposal. He said, “Since so many people have been paying attention to this matter, she’s having a hard time.”

i hope they be happy togheter n-n

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w.u~Shindong, Heechul and Donghae thank fans for their support!

If you didn’t know, it was revealed on May 20th that Super Junior has set another new record since releasing their new album, Bonamana last week, selling over 100k albums in just 8 days, hitting another jackpot.