w.u~ LeeTeuk Accidently Speaks Foul Language in Japanese!


Super Junior’s LeeTeuk shares an embarrassing story about his promotions in Japan!

The recent taping of MBC Yoo JaeSuk and Kim Won Hee’s Come To Play was a special episode titled, ‘idols who promote national prestige.’ This episode had Super Junior’s LeeTeuk, HeeChul, ShinDong, DongHae, KyuHyun, and the Wonder Girls as guests!

While sharing his experience with overseas promotions, LeeTeuk revealed a funny incident that happened to him in Japan. “When performing in Japan,” said LeeTeuk, “I thought I could seize Japanese fans if I use Japanese when I’m singing,” and went on to explain that he was trying to sing SNSD’s Gee. He continued, “There was a word ’stupid’ in the lyrics, so I cutely sang ‘baka,’ but the fans’ reactions were weird. I learned that ‘baka’ is not a cute word that we use and actually is a foul language that has all the bad meanings.

Seems like LeeTeuk got a little lost in translation!

Source: leeuh@newsen

Translation: minnie@sujuism.blogspot

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  1. magnifique100
    May 03, 2011 @ 18:14:56

    That’s really embarassing!


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