pOp ShoT~ 2NE1 4 Bean Pole!


w.u~ Celebrities attending WG SunYe father’s wake!

With the unfateful news of WonderGirls leader SunYe father’s passing earlier today, many Korean celebrities have also attended his wake and paid their last respect.


w.u~ Lee Teuk, “I have been in 5 love relationships before”!

Super Junior Lee Teuk reveals that till present, he had been in a love relationship for 5 times.


pOp ShoT~ More photos and selcas of ‘Little Goo Hara’ Jin HyeWon revealed!


w.u~ 2NE1 Sandara Park is addicted to TaeYang ‘I Need A Girl’?

2NE1 member Sandara Park shows support to TaeYang’s upcoming comeback solo.


PiCk SoNg Up@ super junior no other free download!


No Other by Super Junior 


w.u~ Five Male Idols Have Confessed Their Love for After School’s JooYeon!

On the latest recording of hit show KBS Invincible Youth, After School’s JooYeon surprised everyone saying, “I’ve received five confessions from male celebrities.”


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