w.u~ Lee Teuk, “I have been in 5 love relationships before”!

Super Junior Lee Teuk reveals that till present, he had been in a love relationship for 5 times.



PiCk SoNg Up@ super junior no other free download!


No Other by Super Junior 


w.u~ HanGeng Invites Super Junior to His First Solo Concert!

At the latest press conference held in Great Wall’s Mu Tian Yu on June 22nd, new solo artist HanGeng shared with the reporters about his upcoming solo concert, Geng Heart, on July 17th and 18th, just a few days from the release of his first ever solo album on July 27th. He said that he has been preparing for this since January and even hinted that there will be surprise guests for the concert.


w.u~ Heechul’s special relationship with Siwon!

Super Junior’s quirky member Kim Heechul revealed that his relationship with fellow member Choi Siwon was similar to a relationship between grandmother and grandson.


w.u~ Super Junior’s Sungmin and a one-piece dress!

For their recent album concept, Super Junior members have vigorously worked out to increase muscle mass, further making all of the ELFs swoon as they delight over the eye-candy. Who wouldn’t view them as ideal men…right?


w.u~ Super Junior’s Eunhyuk admits being in a love triangle once!

On this week’s episode of Happy Together Season 3, Super Junior’s Eunhyuk admitted being in a bitter love triangle once. Yes, perhaps the most typical element of all Korean dramas around but everyone loves it!


w.u~ Heechul and Sunny pose for the camera!

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