w.u~ b2st MBLAQ and super junior kiss?

We’ve seen the close bonds between MBLAQ and BEAST in the past, and they are very much the opposite of rivals.

We are seeing more evidence of their close friendship, as both groups celebrated Coming of Age Day together.

The two groups were guests on Super Junior’s radio show Sukira, and several photos surfaced on the web which included Yoseob and Thunder, who are the ones turning legal, posing for the camera with a cake.

Photos which fangirls would adore also surfaced, which consisted of Super Junior, MBLAQ, and BEAST members kissing (?) each other, Eunhyuk with Junhyung, Seungho and Thunder and the reluctant couple, Yoseob with Leeteuk.

The show’s representative stated, “Today is the day where our cutie maknaes are growing up to be men. When Coming Of Age Day is brought up, we think of roses, presents, perfume, and kisses. The studio was raging with love.”

Congratulations to Yoseob and Thunder, we hope the two of you do not get assaulted by girls too much!

2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. simmi
    May 22, 2010 @ 08:18:34

    سلام عزیزم…..وب جدید مبارک……….خیلی خوشگله
    میگم این وب جدید که راه انداتم فکر کنم تو دومین نفری بودی که باخبرش کردم…کلی ایمیل زدم….نظر گذاشتم!!!! مطمئنی بهت نگفتم؟


  2. m2ffy
    Nov 21, 2010 @ 13:55:06

    junhyung and seungho looked like long lost brothers. kkk~ 😛


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