w.u~ Super Junior’s Sungmin and a one-piece dress!

For their recent album concept, Super Junior members have vigorously worked out to increase muscle mass, further making all of the ELFs swoon as they delight over the eye-candy. Who wouldn’t view them as ideal men…right?

On the recent episode of Fantasy Match – Love Class, Super Junior’s Sungmin surprisingly confessed, “Girls just think of me as a comfortable friend.”

As Sungmin started to emphasize his manly characteristics, Donghae, who was listening carefully to what Sungmin had to say, revealed, “The reason why Sungmin does not have a girlfriend is because of a one-piece dress.” After this ’secret’ was poured out, Sungmin didn’t know how to react was dazed.

Sungmin later shared, “I want to write a secret message just like Shindong did,” and Shindong became all shy and embarrassed.

One-piece dress? Perhaps hinting that Sungmin has an eccentric hobby of wearing dresses? We’ll just have to wait till this airs on the 27th.


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