w.u~ HanGeng Invites Super Junior to His First Solo Concert!

At the latest press conference held in Great Wall’s Mu Tian Yu on June 22nd, new solo artist HanGeng shared with the reporters about his upcoming solo concert, Geng Heart, on July 17th and 18th, just a few days from the release of his first ever solo album on July 27th. He said that he has been preparing for this since January and even hinted that there will be surprise guests for the concert.

Here’s a little peek-a-boo at his concert venue, Beijing Exhibition Hall:

Also at the press conference, HanGeng received the Great Wall baton for being their Great Wall Shadow Tour Guide and a certificate from the World Expo for his participation in the event and other various community works (like the Asian Games).

Geng also shared that he has worked with well-known producers for his first album. The late Michael Jackson’s choreographer was even invited to create the choreography for the dances. That’s really something to look forward to, right?

In other news, reporters at the event also asked him about the development of his lawsuit against SME. There was news of him having to pay the company 2o billion won (roughly around $17 million) for his training and all the activities they have prepared for him when he left.

However, HanGeng believes that he does not have to pay a dime since other artists of the same company terminated their contract and were successful. He also expressed that he trusts his team of lawyers to solve this problem. Moreover, his lawyers also said that the Korean side is using delaying tactics so it may take a while for the final judgment to be released. They also confirmed that HanGeng’s activities (solo concert and album, among others) are all legal.

Despite the great friction with SME, HanGeng still expressed his gratitude towards the company who kicked off his career. He said that he was always grateful  towards SME even up until now. It was just unfortunate that were some things that they did not agree about.

Surprisingly, HanGeng also shared that the Super Junior members were happy for him and gave him their blessing. He even invited the group and hoped to see the other boys at his concert.

In the meantime, here is a short clip from the event:

Geng seems to be more confident now, doesn’t he? Well with well-wishers as great as the Jackie Chan, who wouldn’t be? We wish you all the best, Geng!


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