w.u~ Sulli, Krystal and a cat!

It seems rather difficult finding someone who is not captivated by f(x) Sulli’s beauty, and this cat is no exception!

f(x) were guests on the SBS Radio PowerFM’s Kim Heechul’s Young Street, where they impressed everyone with their witty stories and comments.

However, it seems like a cat was enjoying the presence of f(x) as well! A cat was present during the recording, and a photo of the cat studiously watching f(x), especially Sulli, was caught on camera.

Those who saw this photo said, “Sulli stole the cat’s heart”, “Is this fake?”, “Sulli, look at me too” and other witty comments.

Also, Sulli and Krystal managed to take a photo with the cat. Sulli made adorable cat ears with her hair, and her cute smile resembled a cat. On the other hand, Krystal with her big round eyes and her slight smile resembled a cat as well.

Netizens said, “Who looks more like a cat”, “Sulli’s smile looks like a cute cat”, “Charisma cat Krystal” and more.


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