w.u~ Why f(x)’s Luna is Oozing With Charisma!

When people think of f(x), the last person they think of is Luna. But now that is starting to change as fans are starting to learn more about this main vocalist.

At f(x)’s debut last year, all eyes were focused on the group, but Luna was the one member that was being overshadowed by the others. Sulli attracted attention because of her cute and innocent looks as well as her past acting roles. Amber’s boyish style and her rapping skills sparked interest from the public. Leader Victoria’s beautiful features and her flexibility automatically had many fans watching her. Krystal was also in the spotlight because she was seen as SNSD Jessica’s little sister.

Because of all the attention focused on the other four members, Luna was not noticed as much. She did not have the adorable looks that Sulli had or the beautiful qualities that Victoria exhibited. She was not a tomboy like Amber and she did not have a relative in the entertainment industry. Many just saw her as an addition to the group because of her strong voice.

However, it seems like many are now being attracted to Luna. The public is now noticing that Luna carries a special charisma wherever she goes, which gives f(x) a unique glow.  She also possesses three personality traits that give the audience a better understanding and appreciation of her.

These three characteristics are:

1. When [the celebrity’s] skill and talent seems to jump out at you.
2. When you see [the celebrity] trying their best despite their level of skill.
3. When you see [the celebrity] always smiling and giving off a happy virus.

Luna’s voice is amazing on live music shows and her dancing skills shine amongst the group. The more one sees her, the more charisma she seems to have! On variety shows like Star King and Sebaqui, Luna is attentive to the stories that other celebrities tell and she always has a radiant smile on her face. Although she is new to variety shows, she can always be seen trying her best. In addition, Luna’s posture and positive outlook show that she is not feigning interest at all.

Wherever she goes and whatever she does, Luna constantly carries a bright smile on her face. The next time you watch one of f(x)’s performances, remember to look out for Luna’s charisma as f(x) is incomplete without her.

Source: skagns @ Mediaus.co.kr
Translator: mongoosedragon @ Aff(x)tion.com


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