w.u~ IU and Heechul Reveal Their Faces Without Make-Up!

Today, IU guest starred on SBSPowerFM Kim HeeChul’s Young Street. On the show’s homepage, some pictures of IU and Heechul playing around were uploaded, garnering much attention from the public.

Why are these pictures getting so much attention? Because the two had minimal to no make-up in the studio! IU’s make-up face was especially noticed as it gave off a more natural look, showing off a different charm than normal.

Netizens commented on the pictures, saying, “IU and Kim HeeChul look like they got closer,” and, “Cute IU, hwaiting!

The two really do look adorable together, and even without make-up, both are beautiful with their flawless skin.

Source: Baek JiHyun @ Newsen.com


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