w.u~ f(x)’s Sulli Was a Child Actress!

f(x)’s adorable Sulli did not come to fame through f(x) – rather, she was quite popular when she was a child.Sulli’s past was revealed on MBC’s Section TV Entertainment Communication, where past videos of celebrities were shown. These videos either brought shock or more interest from the audience.

Although the videos showed a much younger Sulli, she does not look much different today. She still retains her cute and innocent look from back then.

In 2007, Sulli acted as a rebellious child in Punch Lady, and in 2008, she also took on the role of a child actress in the movie Stupid. When Sulli saw the episode before it aired, she responded by saying, “Just the fact that you all are taking time thinking about those times amaze me and shock me. I will continue acting and show a new side of me.

Since Sulli has had past experience in the acting field, it won’t be a surprise to see her in a future drama or movie!

Source: idsoft3 @ Reviewstar.net

Translation: mongoosedragon @ Aff(x)tion.com


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