w.u~ Online War Over Super Junior!

In any music industry, there are bound to be lovers, haters, and groups who get caught in the middle of it all. Remember this? Things did not look like they would ease that easily.

On Wednesday, 7PM, a misunderstanding over Super Junior caused an online melee between fans and haters of Super Junior in China. Fans posted titles such as “69 Holy War” signaling a fan war in June 9th, and hurling insults toward Super Junior and Chinese ELFs. The bulletin board of Chinese website Baidu was bombarded with 50 posts containing mutual defamation; one post per second at one point in Wednesday, and replies kept following after those as well.

To quote the haters:

“As long as pointed heads exist, the holy war will continue.”

“Get lost, Super Junior!”

“Get lost, pointed heads!”

Note: “Pointed heads” are Chinese netizens who are fans of foreign pop stars.

Chinese ELFs retaliated by saying:

“You are pointed heads”

“Regardless of whether we are Koreans or not, we like Super Junior.”

Following the events from the Shanghai World Expo back in May 30th, there has been much confusion, with the Hong Kong newspapers falsely reporting that a fan was crushed to death. A staff member of the Korean Center of the Shanghai World Expo said, “The Korean Center is not related to this incident.

An official at the Korean Embassy in Beijing commented, “We are closely watching the situation.

What’s your take on this?

Original Source: dongA.com


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