w.u~ f(x)’s Amber tries cooking sweet potato fries!

f(x)’s Amber recently uploaded a picture of her sweet potato fries which she had cooked on her me2day.

She wrote, “Everyone! I tried something new today keke Since everyone else in f(x) can cook, I am starting to cook as well! So I tried to make sweet potato fries… and made this instead TT But it actually tasted better than I thought keke If I don’t burn it, it would be okay, right??”

In earlier interviews, Amber had admitted that even though all the other f(x) members are experts in cooking, she is the only exception in the group. She is usually in charge of washing plates and placing the plates/utensils on the table.

Fans commented, “It’s fine even if it’s burnt, because you made them. Just try a few more times.” Some even offered to teach her cooking.


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