w.u~ Nichkhun Thought Junsu was Thai!

In a special episode of SBSStrong Heart‘ for the 2010 World Cup, Nichkhun began sharing a story of his experience as a foreigner: “When I couldn’t speak Korean well, I received a lot of misunderstanding.”

Because he had just arrived, Nichkhun didn’t speak a word of Korean. To get himself by, Nichkhun memorized the phrase, ‘Hello, I am from Thailand‘. Nichkhun continued his story, “One day I went to the company office for the first time and I happened to see a trainee who said, ‘Hello, I am from Thailand’. I was so happy to see that trainee.”

But it seems like both Nichkhun and the trainee had misunderstood each other’s pronunciation. “I realized later that that trainee was Junsu, from Daegu. Junsu misunderstood my bad pronunciation of Thailand as Daegu and was happy to see someone from his hometown, while I thought Junsu was from Thailand and was happy to see him,” he revealed, making the audience laugh.

*Note: In Korean, ‘Thailand’ is pronounced as ‘Taeguk’, which sounds familiar to ‘Daegu’.

Source: Jeon So Young@news.nate.com
Translation: 49.5bananas@wild2day.org


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