w.u~ MBLAQ Lee Joon, “I’m sad because I’m no longer in contact with the figure-skater Kwak Minjung”!

MBLAQ’s Lee Joon displayed his close friendship with the figure-skater Kwak Minjung.

Lee Joon, who has appeared on SBS Power FM ‘Park Sohyun’s Love Game’ on the 7th, revealed, “I got to know Kwak skater through a CF I we did together, and after that we have a close brother and sister relationship.”

He revealed that he had given her a dancing doll to look at whenever she had things on her mind, and she had taken that as a personal belonging when she left for Canada a few days ago.

However, Lee Joon lost his number due to the incident from dropping his phone in the toilet, and with MBLAQ busy with activities and Kwak skater in Canada, Lee Joon stated that their contact is currently cut off at the moment.

To this DJ Park Sohyun said, “Anyone who knows Kwak Minjung skater, please let her know about this. He isn?t calling because he doesn?t have the number, so please call him first.”

Other members who heard that Lee Joon was close to Kwak Minjung skater stated, “Lee Joon had filmed two commericals by himself without us, and he had never bought us anything. But a gift to Kwak Minjung skater?” showing their jealousy.

Meanwhile, the title song ‘Y’ on MBLAQ’s album is creating interest from the public as it had been a song given to MBLAQ from Rain.

MBLAQ stated, “A star that we want to be close to? Of course it would have to be Rain sunbaenim, for now at least, it is a bit hard, but we want to be closer and learn more from him.”

Source: Nate News
Translation: aoistars@AbsoluteMBLAQ


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