w.u~ Wooyoung Has a Wife?

2PM’s Wooyoung gave a rather peculiar answer to a question from Star Golden Bell’s Ji Seokjin: “Has 2PM ever received unusual fan letters?”

The poison-cheeked idol admitted that he, in fact, had once received a very strange letter from “a fan who wrote a letter […] [beginning] with ‘Hubby~’ like I was her husband.” Upon further questioning, he revealed that “the letter was written like we were a separated married couple and it was sad that we had to be apart; from the beginning to the end it was completely sincere and wasn’t written like a joke at all.”

Amused, Ji Seokjin teasingly asked, “Wooyoung, are you a husband […] away from your hometown?” Wooyoung then gravely replied with “I guess so,” causing much laughter in the studio.

On the other hand, Leejoon of MBLAQ complained in a seemingly good manner about never receiving such romantic letters, “My fans want to raise me to be strong,” he explained, “so instead of good words, they send me [a lot of criticisms].”

Which type of letter would you rather receive as an idol?

Source: news.nate.com

Translation: 49.5bananas@wild2day.org


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