w.u~ 2pm reveals baby pictures!

On KBS 2TV ‘Star Golden Bell- 1st grade Class 1’ that was aired on the 5th, 2PM members revealed their baby pictures.

Among the revealed pictures, the person that stuck out the most was maknae Chansung (T/N Maknae = youngest). The MCs that saw Chansung’s baby pictures said “his chubby cheeks and body reminds me of singer Psy” and were surprised that he did not look like a little kid, and as soon as it was revealed that it was Chansung, they replied “it’s a good thing he grew well” gathering a lot of laughter.

Thai Nichkhun’s cute baby picture garnered interest. In Nichkhun’s baby picture, he is rubbing his eyes and has a whiny facial expression. Upon seeing this image, Kang Soojung and other women MCs exclaimed “his eyes are the same as now”, and Nichkhun reenacted the facial expression in this picture receiving hot reactions.

Besides this, Wooyoung’s troublemaker image and a picture of Junho wearing his hanbok (T/N traditional Korean clothes) were revealed. While they were at it, they had a 4 member, 4 different aegyo parade (T/N aegyo= acting cute). 2PM members acted cute with love shots, winks, hand kisses and the women MCs exclaimed “bravo” making everybody laugh.

On this broadcast, 2PM Nichkhun, Wooyoung, Junho, Chansung appeared and the MC army (Shin Jung Hwan, Chun Myung Hoon, Kim Taehyun, Jung Juri, Eun Jiwon, Hong Soo Ah, MBLAQ Lee Jun) had a quiz battle.



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