w.u~Super Junior wins triple crown with BONAMANA on Music Bank!

Just nine Super Junior boys (- Kyuhyun recovering from surgery) returned to the stage on today’s episode of Music Bank to perform their latest hit track BONAMANA.

All the boys gave their best as their performance of BONAMANA was terrific. With the song’s addictive tunes and their speed-skate choreography, their performance is a must-watch for ya’ll.

Who didn’t expect this coming? Well, the boys of Super Junior yet again won today’s K-Chart which totaled up to three consecutive wins in a row, leading to a triple crown, beating the Wonder Girls once again! Congratulations to the boys


we woooooooon

we won we won we woooon!

(after school dream again 😉  )


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  2. mania
    Jun 06, 2010 @ 11:54:30

    SUPERJUNIOR hwaiting….~~
    but the devil magnae was really missed there……=((
    I hope he recovers sooner to comeback on stage……..*—–*


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