w.u~ The worst fashion terrorist of all!

In order to carry on the spotlight, celebrities spend a lot of effort in trying to impress their fans through overall appearance, especially fashion. Hence, the birth of the new term ‘fashionista’ is due to their endeavors.

Of course, if there are celebrities who know how to dress well and capture the attention of the media, there are also those who slightly lack in a sense of fashion. Lee Hyori has been deemed the ‘fashion icon’ and others have been successful in ranking up to par with her fashionista status, while fashion terrorists also started to earn their reputation as well. The following celebrities listed have well-defined bodies as well as attractive facial features, but lag behind in the fashion realm.

2PM’s Taecyeon

The first runner up is none other than the beast idol Taecyeon! He is already well known for wearing clothes with daring colors, and even his fans admitted to him being a true fashion terrorist.

Especially on Mnet’s Wild Bunny, Taecyeon has left a deep impression on netizens when he bravely wore orange pants along with his yellow t-shirt, and when he had let his fashion sensation go wild during a parody of Dirty Eyed Girls.

T-ara’s Eunjung

If Taecyeon represents the male idol fashion terrorist, it is impossible to leave out the female idol Eunjung! Wearing a beige turtleneck along with a color hooded t-shirt or a training wear with boots, both serve as evidences to why she lags behind among the T-ara members in terms of fashion sense. Hence, the fans have nicknamed her the female version of Taecyeon.

Kim Tae Hee

Even among actors and actresses, fashion terrorists exist. With gorgeous looks and an intellectual image, Kim Tae Hee is receiving lots of love from the public. Sadly, when it comes to fashion, she does not quite earn a lot of compliments. During the Baeksang Awards Ceremony in 2007, she was chosen as the worst dresser when she wore a disorderly green dress that did not flatter her at all. One fan commented, “God has given Kim Tae Hee everything besides a fashion sense.”


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