w.u~ Nichkhun Gives His ‘Strong Heart’ Away to his Ideal Girl!

Nichkhun of 2PM graced the studio of SBS Strong Heart’ and was asked by Kang Hodong to pick an ideal woman out of the available panelists.

Explaining that he holds a preference for older women, Nichkhun chose Yoomin.

Excited by Nichkhun’s proclamation, Jung Joori immediately stood up and earnestly asked, “Does that mean [that] I have a chance too?!” Such a request resulted in many complaints around the studio from all of the other guests, despite the fact that Joori was most likely only asking lightheartedly – though considering the popularity of our Thai Prince amongst the girls, there was probably some seriousness in her question as well.

To emphasize his affections for Yoomin, Nichkhun said a few short – but sweet – words to her: “I hope to see you more often in the future. Yoomin-ssi, fighting! Have strength.” Kang Hodong then turned to Yoomin, who was present at the show, and asked if she’d enjoyed Nichkhun’s message to her. Naturally, the lucky lady stated, “Yes, I like Nichkhun.”


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