w.u~ BEAST YoSeob reveals hidden chocolate abs!

Pet-dols’ BEAST member Yang YoSeob shows off his hidden chocolate abs.

A Cube Entertainment official on 28th May posted a photo on personal minihompy with a note ‘Guess whose abs these are?’ attached. The official added, “Recently our kids are getting better builds. So who is this? And whose abs are these? Who who?”

And on 1st June, the answer was revealed and the abs turned out to be member Yang YoSeob’s. All this while, BEAST has been called ‘pet-dols’ for their cute image. And many were shocked to see YoSeob’s abs revealed.

Fans’ comments are, “This is enough. Don’t buff up anymore”, “The face is like a baby while his body is like a man”, “If you are so cool, it is tough for noona”, “I should be exercising too” etc.

Meanwhile, BEAST recently spent 2 days and 1 night with fans, and they will be taking a break before working on their next album.



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    Sep 22, 2010 @ 02:59:57

    i love u yoseob



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