w.u~ Wonder Girls talk about boys and Sunmi on Win Win!

The Win Win episode with the Wonder Girls as guests will finally be aired on May 25th and they shared their thoughts about everything, from boys to Sunmi.

First, each of the Wonder Girls chose their ideal male idol.

Sunye said, “I saw C.N. BLUE’s Jung Yonghwa by chance at a music program, and I thought he was handsome.” She also shyly added, “I already knew them because of their well known music, but he was much more handsome in person.”

Watch out Seohyun! Looks like you have some competition.

On the other hand, Yeeun revealed her affection towards SHINee’s Onew and she even referred to him as “My Onew”.

Meanwhile, when one of the MCs asked, “They said Super Junior’s Heechul likes Sohee. What do you have to say about it?” Sohee responded “I knew he liked me through past shows.” She also expressed that she is simply thankful and even revealed how she felt about Heechul although we have to wait to find out!

The Wonder Girls also talked about the difficult times they went through in America. They revealed that the language barrier was the most troublesome.

Wonder Girls said, “In our first American interview, we made many mistakes and barely finished.” They will also reveal their honest feelings and thoughts about the recent controversial allegations from their former English tutor.

Meanwhile, the episode would not have been meaningful without the Wonder Girls finally talking about Sunmi’s departure for the first time on TV.

They said, “We feel very sorry for not being able to truly hear what Sunmi had to say even though we were together.”

They also revealed, “It is more important for Sunmi to be happy than for her to live as a singer. Even though Sunmi left the Wonder Girls, we’re still very close. She watches all our comeback stages and even sends us texts that say ‘Looking good’ and more.” The Wonder Girls also sent heartwarming messages to Sunmi.

This power packed episode will air on May 25th.


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