w.u~ Leeteuk shows the SM Family love at Dream Concert backstage!

Four of SM Entertainment’s active K-pop groups took to the stage last night at the 2010 Dream Concert and what better than to commemorate this special occasion with a photo.

On May 22nd, Leeteuk uploaded a group photo of Super Junior, SNSD, SHINee and f(x) posing together backstage as he wrote, “Dream concert~! The people I really love, Super Junior! SNSD! SHINee! f(x)! It was a time of happiness.. I love our family ♥ We are~~!!sm…town~~~~!!!”

He continued in another separate tweet, ”Our time of happiness~^^♥We call these people sm town!! We are ~~~~~~~~sm town!!!

Leeteuk also tweeted to thank the fans, “A time we all became one..^^ I’m telling you, SM town is the best!!! It’s so beautiful since different colors have come together^^..Thank you for everyone who came!! You guys only made good memories..” and “Thank you for the event!!^^ You guys had a hard time with the rain!! You guys keep touching our hearts as a present for us so we must work harder^^ This isn’t a dream, it’s reality, right? ^^ Of course, Dream Concert!!!”


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