w.u~Nich Khun, “WooYoung cried the most when we were trainees”!

2PM Nich Khun revealed that member WooYoung cried the most when they were still trainees.

Nich Khun was on KBS Happy Together 3 aired on 20th May when hs was asked which member cried the most during their training days, and his answer was, “WooYoung cried the most.” Member JunHo added, “Back then we were being scolded a lot because everything is not going well.”

Nich Khun then said, “For me, when I am being scolded, president Park JinYoung would use English and because of that, it did not become serious.”

When asked if they were scolded much in preparations for their recent album, JunHo explained, “President Park JinYoung’s resolution for this year is not to become angry. This time, we even personally pour water for him.”


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