w.u~ T-ara’s Eunjung caught in a thong!

Girl group T-ara has always been one of the sexy idol groups on the k-pop scene but it looks like their leader Eunjung may have taken it up a notch by wearing a thong and being caught by fans.

Through a portal community site, one netizen linked the video below with a few screen caps with the title ‘T-ara Eunjung’s T-panties’. Though it’s a creative title, that’s not exactly what caught the attention of fans.

The video is perfectly innocent–and by innocent I mean that the video focuses on a sexy Asian woman dancing and shaking her thing to Ciara’s song Hotline.

So yes, the video is quite angelic.

But in parts of the video and in the ending, fans have noticed a crease on Eunjung’s sweet supple buttocks that has potential to be a dirty thong, thus indicating that she might be a dirty girl–as in she’s naughty and not that she has poor hygiene.

A small war has exploded on the internet as fans are saying, “It could be just a crease line from the training pants“, “No, that’s definitely a thong” and “What, an idol can’t wear a thong?” Whichever the case may be, as a man with hormones wilder than a hippo, I will say on behalf of all men that all idols should wear thongs–both men and women (to each his own)!

I myself don’t see it but being chained in a dungeon forced to write k-pop articles 30 hours a day does strain the eyes so don’t take my word for it – check it out for yourself below!

Several of our writers are also divided on the issue, but what do you guys think – is she or is she not wearing a thong?


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