w.u~ Meet One Way at allkpop’s live video chat tomorrow!


That’s right, One Way has teamed up with allkpop to host an exclusive live video chat on allkpop, and we want you –yes, you– to be there!

The kpopverse’s latest hip hop trio will be hitting the couch and setting up their webcam tomorrow to directly connect with fans on Wednesday, May 12 from 2-3PM KST (Americans, that’s 1-2AM EST & 10-11PM PST on Tuesday night) right here on the allkpop website. You’ll get to meet Peter, Chance and Young Sky up close & personal and get details on what they’ve been up to as well as what they’ve got planned for the near future. As all three members are fluent in English, this will be an interactive chat session, so get those questions ready!

We can’t reveal much right now, but we can promise that One Way’s busy creating lots of new music that music listeners of all types should seriously be excited for. Remember to keep checking out the trio’s international fan forum Love One Way for updates on all of their activities.

So in short – you plus One Way on Wednesday afternoon/Tuesday night for a talkfest… Stay tuned for more details we’ll see you there!!


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